The land of caves – Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is a paradise for cave explorers, climbers, hikers, dreamers. Vang Vieng used to be a mecca for hippie / party tourists.

“Sabai dee” Laos welcomes us in Luang Prabang

“Sabai dee” and thus welcome in the most pristine country on our journey. Luang Prabang has the oldest fully preserved city in Laos.

„The Yin and Yang“ of Chiang Rai

Our last stop in Thailand was a positive surprise. Our guide said about Chiang Rai that you can skip it. In retrospect, we have to say: no way!

Sukhothai – the cradle of Thailand

The Thai conquered with a powerful army the Khmer settlement from which later became the royal city Sukhothai in the year 1249. Here the Thai script was developed by the first king of Thailand and the Theravada Buddhism, which is still state religion today, spread. Of course, we could not omit a city with such a formative influence on the present.

Diving on Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a small tropical island that is well-known to travelers for diving! Around the island there are beautiful coral reefs and fantastic diving spots with great visibility. Whale sharks are regularly spotted at the right time.

Bangkok – Part 2

Ah! Bangkok. Of all the cities I have traveled so far, Bangkok has a special attraction and magic for me. I can not tell you the exact reason – the delicious smells emanating from the ubiquitous food stalls, the hectic bustle of Chinatown, the unique temples? Maybe it’s the mix that did it to me.

Stopover in Europe

Our time in South america has come to an end. On our way to South East Asia we stopped i Europe to visit friends and family, celebrate a birthday and a weeding. One week full of events! Oh yes and delicious home food!